Is subscription mandatory ?
Yes, a client needs to subscribe for QC Trip Membership to avail the services.

Why pay the subscription fee ?
In order to provide consistent service to our clients, we charge a nominal fee as subscription fee. We do not charge any additional fee while booking any service.

Is this an annual subscription ?
Yes, this is an annual subscription plan.

Is this fee refundable, if I do not book any ticket ?
Yes, if you do not book any ticket during the subscription period then we will refund you the entire subscription fee.

When does the subscription period starts ?
The subscription period starts on the day a client makes his/her first booking.

How do I register to become a member of www.qctrip.in ?
Open url: subscribe.qctrip.in, fill up the form and make the payment of the subscription fee. The account will get activated within one working day, and you will receive your unique login ID and password from QC Trip.

Can I change my User Name and Password ?
Each User Name has unique identity and cannot be change but yes you can change the password by clicking “Reset Password” under “My Account” tab.

How can I sign in to my account, if I forgot the password ?
There is a option of Forgot password below the “login” button on the home page. Click on Forgot password, you will receive a new password through email

What are the benefits to become a member of qctrip.in ?
As you are valuable QC Trip member, you will get guaranteed discount on every service.

Can I speak to a Travel Consultant, if I require any help ?
Yes, You can call at any time at our helpdesk number +91 - 7976297725 / 8720966269 . We are providing round the clock service to our valuable users.

Can I add my own service fee ?
Yes, you can add your own service fee.

How can I pay to purchase the travel products from QC Trip Portal ?
You can pay through the balance available in your QC Account or through Credit card/Debit Card or through cheque / Demand Draft or RTGS/NEFT or in Cash.

How can I recharge my account balance ?
If payment has been made through payment gateway then it will automatically get updated into your account's balance. Otherwise you will have to place a deposit request through the "Deposit Request Form" in the My Account section.

How do I know that my credit card information is safe ?
QC Trip is protected by SSL (Secured Socket Layer) technology by VeriSign, who are the leaders in the encrypted technology.